The Last Eight Days…

Were spent reading, writing , working at my ‘day’ job, packing for my move into my new place at the end of the month and literally cursing out my trusted computer which let me down by completely clunking out on me & at the most inopportune time for a writer! It’s been a bit nerve wrecking as I’m finally back on track. At clara54  I’ve missed getting the work out here and completing other works- in-progress for other publications…Sooo with a bit of juggling of finances as in “robbing Peter to pay Paul”… I managed to purchase a whole new computer system (sic). I’m grateful to know folks who knew folks that were willing to save my files from the burned ashes of the  beast of ill fated timing… without extra cost, which I thought was a special & gracious act of kindness…  This is me stretching my writing muscles so speak at midnight after finally getting this new thing set up…checking & deleting emails while my fingers get reacquainted with the beauty of the keyboard that seems to welcome me back to the place I’m most comfortable.

I hope you’ve continued to visit in my absence and please come again because there’s exciting stuff ahead for clara54 readers & you wouldn’t want to miss that  now would you? just sayin’


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