Clara54’s “Scary Movies” Pick …

Ok, with down time between those frigging’ dang blasted bouts of beating up on the clunker of a PC that left me alone …..Alright,  alright…I’m done. Here are some  snazzy quips about the movies clara54 watched while biting her friggin’ nails and eating like tomorrow never comes:

Drag Me To Hell…I know seems fitting but I’m not about to claim this ONE ! This was an absurdly, obtuse look at “claw of death” approaching for one little mistake made by a seemingly naive girl who wanted to impress in a dead end job as a sort of office / go-to girl for coffee, sandwiches & such…that’s the downside. The upside? She had a rich & caring guy. Well, little Ms. Independent wants to move up in the company & collect on the promises made by her supervisor that she will get promoted. She has a chance to prove herself when it comes to granting an reprieve on foreclosing on the house of an ancient, witch of a woman with claws for fingers, but who is sincere in her pleas for one more extension. The decision the young woman makes “to grant, or not to grant”  turns out to be a wrong decision. So the old woman feels ‘shamed’  in front of everyone and waits after hours/after dark  to beat the girl to a pulp in the parking lot….The girl wins the battle, but unbeknowst to her…is about to lose the war!  Liked that this movie got my ‘scare’ factor up. Hated that it ended so on a grusome tip. Be forwarned “What goes around sometimes comes around” 

Saw V…Say what!?! I truly do not  know why anyone would waste time & precious life’s air it takes to breathe in this insanely boring and clueless piece of blood & gore continuation to the SAW SERIES! This attempt bordered on the macabre… I wanted to stick a fork in it and announce “we’re done here.”

Haunting In Connecticut…based on a true story. The events leading up to why a family moves from the city to a small town in Connecticut becomes the reason for many bad decision making. Their teenage son needs Ca treatments and to save on expense/travel & terrible pain & exhaustion from his trips to the Ca center, the folks  (wife) makes the decision to purchase the first available & reasonable properties. The son is said to be a great candidate for innovative new Ca treatments UNLESS he starts exhibiting strange behaviors…Anyho, he does…The movie is both heartwrenching ,and quite eerie . It’s still a must see movie for all late bloomers like clara54.

Sweeney Todd…Notice I’m not naming the actors/stars/ in these movies…This dashing& iconic imagined lover of women everywhere, reallly went for the throat in this one. Bloody mess of a demonic type of fellow he was…the singing sort of irked my nerves after a bit and the pies made of human flesh sealed the deal. It was a crude piece of work, this thirst for blood barber turned my stomach. “Now you have a pulsating neck, now you don’t!”…I’m so afraid for Alice when she ends up in Wonderland…


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