Psst-Have You Heard?

Wendy Williams was called on her show by Chicago’s own Bruce Dumont, National Chairman of the Radio Hall of Fame to inform Ms. Wendy that she had been inducted into the Radio Hall Of Fame! Ms. Wendy who admitted to being aware of her nomination, actually cried for real tears folks & not the fake kind…Anyhow, congratulations to her!

Clara54’s article Five Surefire Ways To Ignite Interest In Your Freelance Writing Business was recently published by The Small Business CEO Magazine for their August issue. You can link to the article here: 

Sherri Shepard who wore a bikini on The View today to show off her new figure, will be doing her evening comedy show, aptly titled, SHERRI and co-hosting The View in the mornings; her husband on the show? Mr. Malcolm Jamal Warner- that Cosby kid has grown to become a hunk-a-hunk of burning love! just sayin’

Clara54 recently profiled her Marketingbuddha Bootcamp for writers instructor here. The good news for Chicago writers is that Sonya Carmichael Jones is headed to Chicago in October to teach a class! Interested parties can visit Sonya’s website @ http://www.freelancewritermarketingcenter for updates & of course, Clara54.

Terri S. Nelson is putting the final touches on her upcoming book Reflections From Women where I’m among the lucky 50 writers chosen from entries all over the world I might add, to be included in the book about women… for women… 

Ok, that’s ALL you lucky readers of clara54 is gonna get for today, but tune in because “Life is like a box of chocolates”… Remember? The parting question of today…Do you all think Paula Abdul should leave American Idol? and Should Kirstie Alley (rumored) replace her?

FYI: It might be a man’s world, but it’s women who RULE :)…


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