Sonya Carmichael Jones…Marketing Guru

C54.Sonya thanks for giving clara54 a moment of your time. You’ve recently wrapped another marketing bootcamp for writers class. Can you tell us a bit about your classes & what they have to offer us writers? 
 Get published. Get paid! Marketing Bootcamp for Freelance writers is a one-of-a-kind course open to all freelance writers—regardless of their writing experience. Several things make this class different from other freelance writing classes. One is that Marketing Bootcamp focuses on marketing strategies—things that writers can do for long-term self-sustainability. In other words my workshop is all about helping freelance writers earn money. We cover marketing strategies such as email marketing, direct mail marketing, search optimization, social networking—any current marketing trend that is effective and can be easily applied to a freelance writing business.

The class is being offered in several locations and is coming to Chicago in October. All the details will be posted on:http://www.freelancewritermarketingcenter


C54. I understand you’ve just celebrated your 10th year of being a copywriter…have you always known what your career goals were?
 I wanted to write books. Be an author. By the time I was 14 I had my Oprah interview down. And I still have aspirations of being the next Toni Morrison. In college I subscribed to Essence Magazine and was fascinated by the freelance writer Bios so I also wanted to write magazine articles. I never thought of copywriting until 2000 when it turned up in an Internet search while I was looking for basic information on freelance writing.

I read several books about copywriters making 6 figures and being self-sufficient on a freelance writing income in less than a year. It gave me a lot of inspiration because I’d always heard that writers didn’t make much money. Ten years later I’m still freelance writing full-time and I’m very well fed. I offer more than copywriting services I help other companies (writers included!) plan and launch their marketing campaigns. I specialize in SEO, direct response and lead generation strategies. Writers have the opportunity to create their own career paths.


C54.What’s the best advice you’d give to writers embarking upon starting their own freelance writing business?
Treat freelance writing as a business. Think about how you want to position your writing business and take the necessary action steps. Be prepared to work at providing superior service and keep improving your skills. Learn how to market yourself and market consistently—even when you have writing assignments lined up. Be brave. A combination of giant leaps and baby steps will help you build confidence.


C54. I’ve heard that it actually takes 10 years to become a success in freelance writing, maybe half if you’re persistent. Do you think this is the norm?
 How long it takes for a writer to become successful depends on several things: Drive and ambition. A clear goal. A writer’s marketing ability and writing skill. Having a solid support system. Having the belief in yourself. A writer has to define success in his or her own terms. Success could be a byline or a paycheck or extra money to purchase a new scooter.


C54. How do you define success?

  Doing what I love and making a living at it.

 C54.What are you working on now?

I’m writing website copy for a computer repair company that just opened its third store in Seattle. I’m also preparing for October Bootcamp.

C54. You’re so busy, how do you break the monotony of this crazy, wonderful world of the freelance writer? 

I run. I bike (the pedaling kind). I go camping in the wilderness. I keep Michael Jackson’s moon walk alive.
Thanks Sonya…

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