I’ve never been a big fan of Nicole Kidman’s, even when she married Tom Cruise, although I thought they made for a greal celebrity coupling. Hugh Jackman brought a bit of sexy to his Wolverine character, but, still never made my heart go pitter-patter. Putting these two A- list movie stars together in the movie Australia, however, has made me eat my words- This movie is an emotional, sentimental, witty & wistful piece of great cinema, colorful characters & a long to be there background setting of the ‘Down Under’ …

Australia centers around a woman (supposedly British) when we all know Ms Kidman is Australian, who comes from a wealthy cattle breeding  legacy& who in the interest of her family’s name decides to go where no decent ‘lady’ goes; To Australia to find out what’s happening with one of their properties.

The man( apparent trouble) who comes to welcome the lady is none other than the ‘Drover’ and what a mess of a character he is…and devious folks begin to note with certainty that when the lady meets the drover, she’ll simply sell the property to the villian who desires it & hightail it back from whence she came. The storyteller is a little boy born…”Not white..’not black” begins the tale of the Woman and the Drover.

There’s no shame in my game when I say that I balled like a baby several times throughout the movie & no, folks, it wasn’t because of Mother Nature! The movie for me was a reminder of family.Custom & spiritual belief. Love and Friendship. Regret and amends. Australia is a must see movie. Ladies try to snag your sweetie to cuddle with, it’s no fun watching Australia alone. BTW clara54 recommends grabbing a box of kleenex for when the tears flow & they will flow…


2 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA:THE MOVIE”

  1. Too much CGI. Drove me nuts. I would have preferred real cows, even if it meant there were less of them.

    THAT said, it was a beautiful film. I guess it was just a little too over the top for me.



  2. Thanks for visiting Heidi,

    Ok, there was a bit of technology @ work here, but getting past the ‘fake’ stuff was easy for me once I concentrated on the story line:)


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