Review of Wendy “How You Doin?”Williams Show

My first paying job writing online was in 2007 for a celebrity/gossip website out of Las Vegas, Nevada. It took me only a few months between deciding to get serious about my work & trolling for jobs that I landed the gig . A no brainer for me because I’d grown up reading all the gossip mags & became a sort of go-to-girl for information about Celebrity.

Unfortunately, I’d taken the job because it was my first offer & not because I liked where my part came into play for this website. I was basically writing copy for someone else to take the credit, a ghostwriter, if you may…Nothing wrong with that, Ghostwriting brings in a pretty penny for those interested in doing that sort of work.

To make a long story short, I quit & I think it was a mutual and agreeable parting because the website was geared toward younger folks as well & I didn’t really gel with terms such as “like, I’m writing for this”. You get like, what I mean? Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to get back to the In Your Face sort of celebrity profile reviews I cut my teeth on back in the day.

The debut of The Wendy “how you doin?” Williams Show on Fox television has given me just cause to flex my satirical review of celebrity. Wendy Williams first caught my eye when she had that great dispute on radio with Whitney Houston. Remember how Whitney wanted to come through the telephone on the talk trash diva after Wendy started asking those drug questions? Then, there was the time Wendy got into a terrible row with The Celebrity Apprentice’s Amorosa!

Those two catfighting on live tv, made for great ratings & seemingly helped to propel Wendy William’s career from 23 years in broadcasting to hosting her own talk television show. Let me just say for the record, Clara54 is sort of loving this unconventional, unrestrained & oftentimes off color humor coming out of this 40- something woman’s mouth. With Wendy Williams there’s no getting around it!

The guests have included Jimmy Fallen & an upcoming appearance by Vivica  A. Fox who will undoubtedly talk about the joys of ‘Cougar’ women. There’s also an ‘Ask Wendy’ segment, where the audience ask personal questions and receive some pretty straight forward answers from Wendy. There were a couple of spots that dragged in places; The cooking part in one segment where the Diva didn’t really allow much camera time to her guest. It was to be about showcasing his culinary talents, however It seemed she was hogging the camera as opposed to allowing his 15 minutes in the spotlight…

The big announcement from Wendy Williams today was that she’s leaving Inner City Broadcasting after 23 years to concentrate on her new show. If Oprah’s not worried now, perhaps she should be later. Clara54 has been on celebrity/entertainment watch for sometime & I’d give Wendy “How you doin?” Williams a 3 thumbs up along with a prediction that the show is only gonna get better with time…catch the show weekdays at 3pm on Fox. Check your local listings.


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