One On One With Kai Duc Luong-Filmmaker

C54. Last we talked you were in Paris doing  the video for CHAT-how’d that go?

Kai. Yes, indeed I was in Paris shooting a music video for EMI/Capitol France and an up -and-coming French Band called CHAT (which means CAT in French). She is a talented pianist classically trained @ the Conservatory in Geneva who started a career as a singer-songwriter three years ago. After being discovered through Myspace, she signed a major contract. Chat contacted me in October 2008 to work on her single ‘Alice Music Video’ for the release of her debut album (Folie Douce )which came out in February 2009. We had known each other for a few years and always wanted to do something together. This was the opportunity.

C54. You sent your readers/fans & such(myself) a copy of the spoiler interview. It was quite interesting and informative. Will you be doing that sort of Radio/interview soon?

Kai. I am always open to interviews. If any of you know of anyone interested in doing so, please do not hesitate to contact me. Spoiler Radio Alert is a very nice concept & I am grateful of radio host Toni Pennachia’s for her support of independent artists in the movie arena.

C54. Tell me about Los Angeles. How did folks receive the screening of your documentary “SomePlace Else”? Are you still getting rave reviews?

Kai. Yes, we went to LA for the screening of our documentary SOMEPLACE ELSE at the Director’s Guild of America, for visual Communications’ LA Asian Pacific Film Fest.  It was both a little trip for leisure to get out of Chicago’s moody weather and obviously go there to promote the film. My co-director Avisheh Mohsenin is Iranian, and the largest Persian community in the US is the LA area, and Avisheh happened to be featured on the main Iranian website so we had a great showing from this community. Also I am always humbled by the support of non-for-profit organizations and Asian-American programmers, who have singlehandedly been the most supportive of my efforts.

C54. Are you back in Chicago? 

Kai. Yes, I’m in Chicago but will have to go back to Paris again. I’ve been here for about a couple of months now,and was working on a few projects. I was quite drained after my Persian stint, so I also took a little time to relax.

C54. I’d read sometime ago an interview where you’d talked of how you’d like to make a film about your family’s escape from Cambodia. I thought of this beautiful/inspiring legacy for your family. Are you still considering this project?

Kai. I tried to pitch this to the producers in Paris, but no success thus far. Sometimes they don’t think about the personal touches that one can imprint on a story & tend to just see that a movie or a documentary has already been done on that subject, so this should be enough…Movies about World War11 are produced every year and keep on popping up… so why is it that there shouldn’t be more than one movie about the experience of the Cambodian genocide, or the Armenian one, or the Rwandan one?

C54. Have you kept in touch with that ‘raunchy’ bluesman from SOMEPLACE ELSE?

Kai. (laughs) Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Vance Kelly play for about nine months now…kinda miss it. I should try to go see him before I go out of town again but he’s aware of what’s happening through his daughter with whom I keep regularly in touch with. 

C54. I know you’re busy kind sir, so I’ll say keep in touch and much success.

Kai. Thanks so much Clara for your kind support all along and keep me posted on your end with what’s new!!!

*This interview was edited for sake of brevity. Clara54 will alert her readers to the full interview in upcoming posts…

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