The Endless Possibilities For Writers Who Network…

Ok, so you remember how hesitant I was to join Twitter right? Sure ya do. Anyhow, from where I’m sitting today, it was the best networking move that I could have done, other than visiting writer’s blogs & commenting. Have met some great folks that way as well. However, today has been a great day of communication via email & twitter. So many folks are following me on Twitter & I in turn follow them…Well only the ones with similar interests.

Heard back from Kyle Avermann (who’s on twitter as well) about the new citizen journalism group & it’s an apparent go…According to Kyle, folks were lined up to apply! Also the gig I’d applied for at The International responded with an assignment to complete as this prestigious job is one that few folks get to actually obtain. I’m still debating this one, seems If I pass this assignment, I’ll commit to a weekly article with an international focus(natch) and the pay is excellent!

It was a pleasure to hear from Carrie Clark, the Illinois HWA coorindinator. NBC picked up a segment on workplace bullying with interviews with Dr. Gary Namie, founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute and also told the story of Coleen Robinson, an Illinois Healthy Workplace Advocate & the State Coorindinator. Readers can see the entire interview here: You can also visit the Workplace Bullying Institute’s Website.

Off from my ‘day’ job. It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a day. Between talking with friends & family and putting in queries, I’m pretty beat, yet optimistic about what tomorrow brings. A query sent out today for possible “Columnist” position got a prompt response letting me know they’ll make a decision within a reasonable stretch of time due to the many submissions! Keep your fingers & toes crossed that I get this gig because I’m bursting to share tools learned from living life experiences to other women of a certain age…Hear me now!:)

A bit of silliness always bring a smile at clara54. “Ya feel me?”


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