Today’s “Writer” Update…

NOT a writing day, it was a nursing day! Yep. Spent time with the elderly was exhausted and came home to warm bath, napped & checked emails…same in AM. Would think I’d miss out on sitting at my trusted computer & you’d be right, but, there’s also a wealth of information to be had here, ALL  good as I’m collecting stories & a paycheck for the future of my writing business… 

Some writing updates include sending out an updated bio for inclusion in ReflectionsFromWomen, a book of motivational/inspirational stories from women whose stories might help other women on their journey in life. The author, Terri S. Nelson is a clinical social worker as well, sooo feel very honored to be included in her book.

Also received email from a young fellow whose Citizen Journalism reportings have landed him on CNN’s iReport and who asked (after reading my columns at if I’d be interested in participating in a citizen journalist group he’s starting in the Illinois area. Of course, I said he was welcome to send details…

Addressed the ‘in your face’ racism of folks at the Philadelphia camp that removed 65 children from their swimming pool because of the color of their skin…in 2009 I might add! The article can be viewed at my column over on BLOGHER… Clara54 will try to keep it light & fun here, but if you’ve been following my work, you’ll notice the digression when ‘stuff’ happens and it becomes something that cannot & shouldn’t be ignored…

Sent out queries of interest for possible gigs and added reminder to followup on a few promised interviews for clara54 on my “to do” list.

Anyho, that was clara54’s update for the week…What writers roundtable stuff you’d like to share with my readers?


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