Clara54 Review of Sex & The City-The Movie

I’m somewhat of a ‘yea, that can wait’ sort of person when it comes to flocking to see the latest movie, reading the next bestseller, or rushing out to purchase the newest CD of the next great musician. I suppose when its already been played up repeatedly in the media, friends, family and such. .. AND you listen to ALL of these other versions of what went on and it’s like, “I’ll catch it later.” Such was the case with the movie Sex & The City… Took  me more than a year to watch it.

First off, Let me be fair and say how much I liked the fashion all 4 women sported along with the shoes & purses to match, enjoyed the flavor Jennifer Hudson added to the mix,. Loved looking upon the streets of New York… But in my opinion, the lackluster performances of all involved were nothing to write home about. It seemed that the actors were just going through the motions this time around. Even Mr. Big buying Carrie lots of closet space didn’t go over well as Carrie showed her love & appreciation …too detached.

There was no connectiveness…Nothing & no one jelled. There wasn’t any ‘oomph’ to the storylines and I for one was happy I’d not joined the circus of folks rushing out to see the movie. I wrote an indepth reason for why It took me so long to watch Sex & The City-The Movie at but, for whatever reason I’m writing about it at clara54 perhaps in hopes that the rumored next Sex Movie in the works will have the ole flavor of the television series.

Maybe it’s just me, but, even Mr. Big served to disappoint…just sayin’


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