Discovering The “Gems” of Forgotten Works…

Let’s see, so far today after digging into just one of many boxes packed full of writings from long ago, I’ve come across 4 short story fiction works/completed… 1, One Act play, 1 forlorn & once rejected book of 50 poems sent out to the only publishing company I felt at the time my poetry deserved, & which btw kept them for well over a year before returning them with an “I’m sorry, but” rejection …Anyho, loved those poems and felt sooo dejected after, that I’d thrown them into the box of “Gems” I’m rediscovering and will be dusting off to try again.

Then’s there the short-short pieces of ‘love’ stuff from those times of  experiencing a love jones where I’d penned a few personals from those ‘Dear Diary’ breakup & make less time for self days. The one journal entry that I recall vividly writing about when the then object of my affection went off to Paris on a musical tour, leaving me high & dry for 3 weeks…so aptly titled “Fifteen Days” became an essay daily emotions… will try to place that tearjerker, using pseudonym natch! 

It’s become quite amazing to me the body of work writers have to fall back on when their muse seem to have gone missing, or the job boards have seemingly hit a dry spell. When we get overwhelmed with other stuff … even when we just want to take a time out to enjoy the ambiance of living life in all its creations, it’s sort of cool to know that we have resourceful bits of writings that can bridge the gap of non productivity.

Looking into these often neglected areas where some of our best ideas & creativity can be found waiting for their rebirth onto the blank page of some editor/publishers paying market can help jumpstart our engines to produce again  …

Anyho, I’m on a roll now & so much more wealth of forgotten material awaits… How about you? What writing gems have you found laying dormant atop your closets/in your boxes just waiting to breathe again?


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