A Writers’ Perspective

I took some time out these past days after hearing of Michael Jackson’s untimely death to reflect, mourn & pay homage to the unyielding power of life & death. We say it in passing all the time “Life is short” . “Everybody has to die someday.” All truisms. It’s the reality of human mortality. I am still saddened, however & I am humbled as well as I return to work, back to the comfort of words and to Clara54, my baby of sorts and I hope you’ll join me in celebration as I announce some good things that’s happened since you visited last:

I decided on Friday preceding MJ’s death that I wasn’t going to write anything about him…leave that to the media. But, I got a special request from the publisher of the local newspaper where I place freelance posts now & again. He asked me to write a memorandum in honor of Michael. I did it and today I received a copy of the paper with my piece on the 2nd page, along with a check for work I hadn’t really wanted to do.

I also got that long awaited email at Reflections From Women book of finalists who made the cut after 3 rounds of judging…My essay Second Time Around will be among the 50 contributers to Terri Spahr Nelson’s motivational & inspiring Book for women…my feelings of gratutide becomes overwhelming.

Finishing my Marketing Class at Marketingbudda’s Bootcamp for Writers was a milestone for me in accomplishing my goal. I’m already using what I’ve learned to pitch to potential clients and grow my freelance writing business…I have an  interview & great wealth of information for how folks can increase their business revenue from a veteran copywriter of 10 years to share with Clara54 readers in an upcoming post.  AND I’d like to thank Beverly Peterson for calling me personally to show her appreciation for the interview she’d done with Clara54 & for all the attention her film, There Oughta Be A Law is still getting since our profile here… On the same note about workplace bullying, I recently had the pleasure of conversations via email with Carrie Clark, Illinois state coorindinator against workplace bullies. She has kindly kept me up to date on what’s happening with getting legislation passed to end this form of abuse … AND 

As always, the wonderful feedback/comments/visits /that Clara54 continues to receive on a daily basis lets me know that somehow I’m on the right track …Keep-a- coming !  

Today is my son’s birthday YAY!


2 thoughts on “A Writers’ Perspective”

  1. Hey everyone. I’m hoping to meet new friends here so drop me a note when you
    get a chance.

    I hope to make some quality posts soon but first I have to look around the forum and
    familiarize myself with everyone and the forum.

    Bye for now. lol


    Biggest Loser of All Time


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