I’m A Celebrity-Get Me Out Of Here!

No people, not me, The Reality Show! Anyho, initially I wasn’t going to watch this show when the ousted Governor’s wife from my home state was selected to be a contestant & I sure as heck wasn’t about to watch an hour of the Ken & Barbie clones as in Spencer Pratt and wife Heidi, but that’s the thing about women, we can always change our minds.

Looking at this show from a purely writernistic (is that a word?) point of view, I sat down on last night Monday to watch what I have to say was one of the most compelling, funny & downright sob fested emotional piece of reality dribble I’d seen in some time. I mean between Salley the basketballer wanting to bail because he wanted to make pizza & drink wine and Janice Dickinson’s bout with her sluggish bowels& her confiding in Lou Diamond Phillips, who appears to be a pillar of graciousness, by the way, about her DNA conversation with Stallone back in the day…Sanjaya cooking 10 potatoes at a time to conserve cooking oil while getting hungar snippits of insults from his fellow castaways, well this show gave me a few bellyups. So much so I’m refusing to tune in tonight.

It’s a good thing young Spence & wife left the show for good after their 3rd time leaving because I don’t think I could take all of the fodder for gossip that my note taking became. And speaking of the Governor’s wife, Patti? felt a bit of human compassion for her. It must have been because I identified with her as a mother with daughters. She’s afraid she’ll be sentenced along with her husband in the scheme of things & where would that leave her girls? Such a bummer.   

Anyho, consider this a basic review of Reality TV’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Clara54 gives Monday episode a wacky thumbs up!


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