Clara54 Interviews Beverly Peterson

At the sake of sounding redundant, let me say how thrilled I am that clara54 has reached a year’s milestone on June 3rd & we celebrated her 1 year anniversary … the thrill comes also in the folks I’ve met through networking and just plain being a part of the writing community in every genre imaginable in the blogosphere. Beverly Peterson is a person I’m especially happy to have you meet here because she is doing something that we all should commend her for. A filmmaker dealing with important issues, Beverly Peterson:

C54. Welcome Beverly, please tell our readers a bit about you & your work.

BP . I actually have a pretty crazy background. I used to own several seafood restaurants on the upper east side of Manhattan. We had fishing boats & traveled extensively. Then, in the early 90s I gave all that up and started making documentaries. Financially the decision was a nosedive but artistically it’s been amazing. It’s not unusual for my films to come out of my personal experience and what it is to be living at a certain moment in history.

The Andre Show is a story of a young boy with AIDS my husband and I adopted shortly before he died during this global medical epidemic. 71 West Broadway: Ground Zero, NY is the street address of our loft located just 2 blocks north of the World Trade Center. I began filming that story from our doorstep during the terrorist attacks. The film follows the impact on us as well as the immigrant small busines owners on our block as we struggled to move back home after the evacuation of  the ‘Red Zone.’

Invisible Revolution captured a revealing interview of a young racist, Ben Smith, just 2 weeks prior to the deadly shooting rampage he went on in Indiana and Illinois before shooting himself. Among the lives stolen was the much beloved Ricky Birdsong, the former Northwest University basketball star.

C54. What motivated you to do There Oughta Be A Law?

BP. I knew about the torment of dealing with an abusive boss first hand. It happens with amazing speed. I went down for the count in less than 6 months. Suddenly your life is turned upside down financially & emotionally, your health is in jeopardy and you are filled with this incredible shame. I started having severe chest pains and went for a check up & the EKG tech was concerned because the reading was abnormal. The outcome? Stress! my doctor sat me down and said , “You were fine before you started working for this woman. You need to find another job.” She was right. I quit my job and my health is fine. The great thing about having the power to make a film is that it gives you a megaphone to shout aloud the dirty little secrets that those abusing powers don’t want told…

Clara54 has more to come with Beverly Peterson. In the meantime why not check out There Oughta Be A Law @ and on there oughta be a to view this film.


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