At The Movies with clara54-again

It seems the few movie blurbs I’ve been giving out at clara54 have gone over quite well. I don’t know if it’s because folks find my views outrageous, or simply a reason to go & purchase the movie, but these are my thoughts only…you just might like the movie. Anyhow, without further ado:

Notorious Big.  This is a take on the late Tupac Shakur’s supposedly rival in the East Coast/West Coast nonsense that took on a life of its own after angry/challenging words were spoken out in California at a Music Awards… There’s blame all through the movie but there’s also warmth. The film shows another side of the public’s perception of Tupac Shakur and Notorious Big…I liked this version so much better & regret that these talented young men are no longer amongst us…

Friday the 13th: Can you say Jason lives all the time? I found this movie predictable and quite obtuse. Riddle me this. If you’re made aware that there’s some psycho out in the woods killing up all of your friends and such, would you go out in the dark alone, away from the house and all of the others? Would you even be hanging around after hearing this upsetting news? Well, apparently the kids at Crystal lake did and much to their horror, they die! The movie is too predictable, too senseless and still Jason lives…as in dead… but alive.

Not Easily Broken: Can you say Morris Chestnut all the time? Ladies, young & old, married & single, widowed and divorced, this Morris is for you…I mean movie of course, but it’s real easy to forget the storyline of a cheating & ambitious wife+ nagging mother-in-law when there’s Morris Chestnut, just saying. 

The Wrestler: He might have been the man back with Kim Bassinger’s 8 1/2 weeks, but, the only thing I can say about Mickey is he needs a hair cut. Mickey Rourke plays a washed up wrestler whose claim to fame in the 80s have been lost with the times. He still tries to wrestle however, until a heart attack causes him to reflect & want to connect to his past, inclusive of a lesbian daughter. He loves her. He needs love from an aging stripper who offers lap dances up in the club played by Marisa Tomei. The movie was eerily close as I pondered midlife…but then, life is what we make of it! I’d recommend this movie…Mickey ya did good.

Revolutionary Road: Ok folks, she was a mess with a mental illness and he was afraid of life, so between the two of them, they managed to make a thoughtful & what became, fateful movie. There are issues in this movie, that’s for sure. I wasn’t entertained as much, more captured by the insanity of it all. Great acting by Decaprio and Winslet…See it for yourself.

Until next time At The Movies with clara54…


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