Happy Birthday Clara54!

Yessss, I’m exactly 1 year old today…well not me of course, but ya get my drift! It’s been one year of networking, commenting, blog visiting, blog linking, submitting & acceptance plus rejections and just getting down & dirty with the freelance business world! I love it and I’m so proud of how much clara54 has grown since last June. With nearly 1000 visitors to my site, I think this ole girl is batting a thousand:)

It’s been a hectic day so I’m writing this on adrenalin as I’ve just returned from celebrating my granddaughter’s 8th grade graduation!!!! Lordy, what a beauty she has turned out to be, nothing like me folks, but I know her mom was proud as a peacock when her daughter walked, actually sailed across that stage to accept her graduation ribbon and did the crowd roar…ok, maybe I’m writing that part the way I’d like to remember it:)…

Anyho, I’m back with my BIC right now and I’ve read my emails& finished up my 5th lesson for Sonya’s Marketing class. I’m waiting to see the new business cards I’ve ordered announcing my Freelance Writing Business! I loved the layout and chrome backing with my name in bold black lettering… Soon there’s going to be a GREAT need for all of that stuff. Taking this class have given me the confidence to tackle, yet another marketing tool.  I’m feeling the fire so I’m not about to extinguish this flame anytime soon.

Back to business as I’ll soon be posting a couple of interviews folks might find interesting and a few movie reviews as well. Today,I’m just… err, Clara54 just feels like a day of resting on her laurels…It is a special day in more ways than one!


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