Interesting clara54…

My ole high school & best friend I’d recently connected with after 30 years thinks I lead “an interesting life” … I reminded her ever so kindly, after viewing her massive work desk & work area, I’d swap some parts of my so called interesting life in a heartbeat for a fraction of hers:)

But, yea, I’m feeling happy & blessed. In 3 days time,clara54 will have reached a landmark of sorts here by celebrating her 1st year on the blogosphere! I’m soo excited about life & so fortunate to be here to write, bi*ch and blab about everything under my skin from my transitional nurse blues, to my family’s running interference… friends misbehavin’… loves disappearing and my freelance writing biz growth that at times comes in leaps & bounds, but then trails to spurts & hiccups..anyho, loving it and wouldn’t trade it for “nothin”

Have to say, my life transitional as its become…is at times, ‘very interesting indeed!’


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