Writers with ‘kick butt’ recession ideas…

Whatever works, right? I mean writers are creative if nothing else. We know how to keep the money woes at bay in a sense by applying tricks of the trade we’ve learned just by doing some good ole networking, quering ,trolling & marketing the product of which many of us have become expert in “Writing!”…

I know the economic downslide have caused the best of seasoned writers to downsize from their monthly quota of clients, but just as many writers have adapted to the slump by finding ways to supplement their income… Ebooks . Teleseminars…Teaching creative writing classes or online classes in Marketing, blog branding, short-story and fiction writing  are some of the savvy ways writers increase their finances and pad their writing portfolios.

I have taken advantage of an online marketing class (which you may know from previous posts ) where I’m given an insider pass  to marketing tools that are sure to grow my freelance writing biz. The Marketingbudda’s Bootcamp for freelance writers is taught by Sonya Carmichael Jones and let me tell ya folks she is a hard hitting, no nonsense go-getter when it comes to establishing your business…

There are ways writers can & do kick butt during these hard economic times . Take it from clara54, hard work : ( oftentimes reap great benefits in the end 🙂


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