Interview with Angel Harper

Angel Harper can be best remembered as one of those gabfest women alongside Whoopie Goldberg’s character “Clara” in the movie Clara’s Heart, or maybe folks know her as the reporter in Kiss The Girls with Morgan Freeman. No matter… if you remember Ms. Harper from those or other movies like “Gabriel’s Fire”. Hairspray. The Rugrats Movie , or Batman, the animated Series, this Hollywood Actress… Author… Comedian & Filmmaker so kindly allowed me an interview (after clearing things with her publicist) between fundraising junkets for her documentary Keeping The Faith With Morrie…

C54… You’ve worn many hats over the course of your career. Actress, Comedian, Author, Voiceover Expert for Animated movies and recently, Filmmaker. Which do you find more rewarding and why?

AH. I truly enjoy every aspect of the entertainment industry. I am so happy I can dabble in different areas. I am never bored.

C54. You wrote your book, Cold Reading as a guide for other Actors to follow when scouting for acting gigs. Did you accomplish what you set out to do in writng the book?

AH. I have not accomplished all I wanted to do with this book. My goal was to be a guest lecturer at colleges and speak about the technique of Cold Reading to students who have a serious goal to be an Actor in Hollywood.

C54. I loved Clara’s Heart! Do you and Whoopie Goldberg keep in touch? Has she seen the film?

AH. Well, it was a professional relationship. We worked extremely well together and I did see her at a few events in Los Angeles. She was cordial to me but we are not off screen friends.

C54. Your documentary Keeping The Faith With Morrie ,about the life and times of Morrie Turner, the first syndicated African-American cartoonist. I read that you’d never heard of his work? 

AH. When I first came to California, I was not involved with the cartoon/animation industry. Once I started doing cartoon voices, I learned about important people like Morrie Turner.

C54. What do you say to those who might infer that there were other great African-American cartoonists known before Morrie Turner, although not published in mainstream newspapers, but published in African-American newspapers? There’s mention of E. Simms Campbell & Ollie Harrington as examples.

AH. Morrie Turner is the first African-American cartoonist to have a syndicated comic strip with a cast of multicultual characters.

C54. You’re on a fundraising junket to expand the film to 60 minutes. After you’ve accomplished your goals & the film is ready for mass distribution, what’s next for Angel Harper?

AH. In March 2009 I completed a Teaching Artist Program. I will be introducing the Arts into the acedemic classroom, my first assignment is with the third grade. I created a six week lesson plan for Language Arts called Poetic Hip Hop Expression…the students will learn to read poetry with expression and a Hip Hop beat I will also teach them movement to enhance the words…

For information & a brief preview of the documentary Keeping The Faith With Morrie, visit .


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