Hooked On STATS!

It’s been a reallly rough weekend, but lo & behold, no matter how dang tired I am from standing on my feet all day, ripping & racing down the halls to assist a patient in need, or simply to answer a call light for something as trivial as substituting jelly as opposed to syrup for a bland waffle, I still find time to propel myself into this chair and pop on my trusted(right now) internet…

I glance hurriedly over emails, maybe answer a few. All the while the toes throb from day long wear & tear of tired shoes and the ole shoulder protest with an ache of two.  I will the neck cramp and drooping eyelids to hold themselves up just a wee bit longer when I’m off duty because I must, absolutely must check my blog Stats!

Rediculous. Incredulous.Ludicrous…or, is it just something finical writers do? I mean I’m ok knowing folks like what I do here @ clara54. It’s cool to get a comment, or two. But, to deny myself the comfort of relaxation & much needed sleep is perhaps bordering on ‘addictive’ behaviors…just saying.

Anyho writers one & all, love to hear your opinion on the subject. Are you a sucker for stats? And don’t they give you a natural high? Are you checking your stats when you should be writing, sending out queries & trolling for gigs?Truth or dare here folks…


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