Film showing Potential Loss Of Jobs

People are losing their jobs all over, the mass amts of unemployed folks are accumulating on the daily. With small & lg car dealerships falling by the wayside, I was wondering who’s next?

Well, received an email from a friend in the know that Healthcare will be threatened & faced with massive layoffs as well… I had spoken to Kai duc Luong, the Chicago filmmaker & gotten a fantastic interview for clara54 recently, but he sent me another, more pressing short documentary piece he’d done, asking folks to take a look at and get the word out.

The short emotional film The Fight for Hartmax is a documentary produced by Heather Stone & directed by Kai. It pertains to President Barack Obama’s suitmaker which is under bankruptcy protection, and its fate is in the hands of the federal TARP funded Wells Fargo which might liquidate the company.

The film can be viewed at . This film is a testament to all folks who have lost, or in the process of losing their jobs.

Look for the interview with Kai duc Luong in an upcoming post right here at clara54…


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