Rise & Shine!

My mom used to wake us kids up come morning like this back in the day…hmmm, tomorrow is Mother’s Day , so happy mothers day! It’s saturday morn almost 8 am here in a Windy City Illinois…from the window in my writing nook, I ‘m looking out at a balmy sort of morning where a few trees are swaying in the winds as the sun stays smartly hidden.

I’m sort of awake-sort of not, but do have my cup of java near, so I’m ok. Sunday I plan to not sit here at all. Spend the day dipping & dallying out there with the rest of happy moms, living & loving life. Finally settled on a gift for my daughter. She’s waay more frugal than I when it comes to comparison shopping & saving monies. But, she is my only daughter so my gifts usually convey an unconditional love a mom has for her child… 

Twitter was down when I got home from my ‘day’ job , but rachel goodchild sent an email telling me to take a peek at her interview “advice” segment at their Canadian Sunrise TV spot over there . I enjoyed her take on Mother-in-laws and Workplace abuse. You can read more about it by following rgoodchild & c50something on Twitter.

Another email from a relationship columnist here in Illinois sent me a link to her latest article at JenniferGems, although I don’t agree with all of Jennifer Gems words of wisdom, this was another good read from her… Folks are using emails for hookups and community networking from all over the world & that’s as Martha Stewart says, “is a good thing.”

Happy Mothers Day All…


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