At The Movies With Clara54

Ok, seems I have no choice but to tell you about 5 movies I’ve reviewed over the week in the midst of working my ‘day’ job, starting my classes at Marketingbudda’s bootcamp for freelance writers & trying to stay afloat with Mother’s Day stuff, inclusive of writing posts for other blogs…But, believe me when I tell you,”its all good!” and now At The Movies:

The Unborn- Imagine a teenaged girl in the thros of romance, friends and parties having to find out that she’s being stalked by an unknown entity? A demonic something or other that wants to be born & angrily wants to be born through her Jewish heritage? Ok, some skeptics might say ‘rubbish, no such thing’ oh but wait, this movie begs to differ. If that’s not enough, go ask Tom Hanks, why don’t ya? ‘The Unborn gets a ‘liked it’. Wouldn’t like seeing it again because its been done before in one form or another… This from a great fan of Supernatural, however…could be because Dean & Sam…sooo cute.  Anyho,I digress.

Cadillac Records…Loved the story of how Black folks contributed to the sounds coming out of the South. How their soulful music was copied & made millions by other folks. It reminds those of us born around the fifties/sixties just how hard folks of color had it, trying to survive on a nickle & a dime so to speak. The movie is filled with songs babyboomers might like to hear again. Beyonce’s performances of Etta James caused some controversy from the lady herself,which probably did wonders for the movie. I liked Cadillac Records, if for no other reason than to reminisce. I’d give it a Siskel & Eberts thumbs up.

7LBS…What the heck? Why did folks have to wait so dang long into the movie, to get what was happening? A bit off  at first, the movie had people asking what is he doing? Now, the gist of it. Will Smith plays a man who after losing his fiancee’ in a horrible car accident, plans his own death. But, it gets better, he’s chosen 7 recipients for his organs after he’s dead. An organ donor who decides to commit sucide, but finds it in his heart to help those folks who so desperately needs an organ to survive. What a great guy, huh?

So, at Clara54, I pride myself on keeping this journey real. On the real? I would no doubt be broken up, inconsolable even. The question remains… “would I commit suicide over such an unbearable loss?’ Who’s to question? From a nurse viewpoint, becoming a donor is all good. Killing yourself to become a hero somehow doesn’t gel with the life & death thing…just saying. 7LBS sort of left me hanging/dangling/ feeling sort of, well “odd”

There Will Be Blood…Daniel Day Lewis was my guy in my all time FAV movie “The Last Of The Mohigans!”… I ‘ve not felt such a  heroic closeness to a movie since, but to see my hero’s brutality, lack of love, coldness, even less compassion… getting downright dirty & greasy like an “Oil man” in this California’s time period of lawlessness & greed left me with those harsh words Lewis’s character spoke resounding in my ears “All you are to me is ” A bastard in a basket”!” 

The Changeling..A mother knows her child. We have an uncanny 10th sense when it comes to flesh of our flesh. I immensely enjoyed the strength & tenacity Angelina Jolie’s character protrayed a mother whose son disappears & brought back to her by questionable authorities who insists that the boy returned was the child gone missings, despite a mother’s pleas that “He’s not my son… I want my son back!” There were horrific & realistic scenes of death I found disturbing, but the movie is one I’d recommend simply because it transcends the depth of a mother’s love…

Have a happy Mother’s Day all!


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