The”Art” of Competition

Competition is healthy, in sport, life & in the business of freelance writing. I’m reminded of how oftentimes competing for a prize, or to stay on top of ones’ game can become a snarling & vicious cycle. I’m not seeing much of this sort of cempetitiveness in freelance writing per se, but I have seen a side where seemingly more established writers in the biz might become ‘suspect’ of newer & different writers taking the stage to add their two cents to the world of publishing, freelance ,blogging & so forth…It appears from where I’m sitting & reading different forums on the subject… some seasoned writers feel a bit threatened by a newbie…

What these writers don’t seem to understand or simply fail to recognize however, is that they started in this same business somewhere & that they were once newbies themselves. My take is that there’s room for everyone. Their uniqueness in freelance writing, blogging, in the genre they’ve chosen bears their signature trademark.

One year into writing my journey here at clara54, I’m still a ‘newbie’ of sorts & I value insights, comments and such from those more established writers who are not feeling afraid of the competition,or for whatever reason feel threatened that someone might step on their turf…”Pay their dues” is a refrain I read a lot within the context of writing. But, that’s a no brainer in any job.

I’ve networked with some great folks since starting clara54 whose sage advice have spurred me on to do & accomplish great feats in this 1st love of mine. A transitional nurse who in the 2nd phase of life is finally living out her passion & purpose. I suppose it was watching the final episodes of Celebrity Apprentice that became the basis for this post. You see, the two remaining candidates gearing to battle for their Charities are Annie Duke, the world famous poker player and Joan Rivers…everybody knows Joan.

Anne has been using strategy throughout the game, in essence playing her opposition like she plays her poker. Joan, although established in career & very wise in life experiences, has allowed her emotions to supercede her reasons for playing the game.

Writing is not a game. I’m in it to the very end and whether I’m dismissed as amateur, or labeled ‘newbie’, I’m in it to win it for myself and that takes hard work, fortitude, persistence and faith that I am a writer who knows… Competition doesn’t have to be vicious, it really can and should be ‘a good thing’…


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