“Writing is a passion–Publishing is a business”

Ok, I recently borrowed this great quote from some astute writer from some place I’ve visited the last two years on this wonderful place of gathering for like minded,creative & collective genius in writings out there in the blogosphere. I thank you (whoever you are) because truer words have never been spoken. I promised a later post of good news & here at clara54 I’m a woman of her word …

On Monday I officially begin my online classes in marketingbudda’s Bootcamp for freelance writers ! I’m soo excited that I finally pushed my fears aside & signed up. I have complete confidence in the ability of Sonya Carmichael Jones as she brings another class into awareness in Marketing…That & the fact that she has an MBA in Marketing doesn’t hurt either…I soo need this class under my belt in order to get the work out there to editors, publishers & such.

I completed & submitted a poem to ShortyInDaHouse blog for Mothers Day…heard back today & my poem will be accepted for publication. I’m happy for the opportunity/have folks read a beautiful poem dedicated in memory of my beautiful/loving  moms…thanks shorty.

Some folks may have learned from following me on Twitter…I reconnected to one of my best friends from High School after 30 years! We’ve been chatting like it was yesterday with news about our loves, lives & disappointments…We didn’t meet again via Twitter, but Classmates.com:) Don’t suppose an old flame will find me & give a shout out?

Kelly, senior editor at Sparkplugging.com have offered me an opportunity to apply for an internship as a blogger where I get to learn the ends & outs of blogging as a business. We’re talking as in money making techniques here, folks…

The last & Best news of my tonight? Drum roll please…I’ve been contacted by Terri S. Nelson, the Editor of the book Reflections From Women, informing me that my submission passed their 2nd round of judging!!!!!!! folks are encouraged to view the official announcement at www.reflectionsfromwomen.com on sunday may, 3rd.2009

OOOH don’t it make my brown eyes blueeee… I’m feeling silly but, YAY for me:)


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