All About The Movies…

Some were recommended by folks I work with on my ‘day’ job . Some I’d been dying to see, but never got around to it. Here are the ones I liked, loved & “hated it” for one reason or another:

Fireproof…Kirk Cameron formerly of Growing Pains is all grown up & saved…a spiritually refreshing food for thought movie, Fireproof provides a step by step guide of how to love & receive love in return …liked it.

Madea Goes To Jail…a bit of humor, grit, reality and spewing of ‘hilarious’ takes from the self made Madea of Tyler Perry is just cause for a much needed chuckle…liked it.

Taken…It’s uncanny how these things come about. With Liam Neeson losing his wife recently, this gifted actor’s betrayal of a father’s determination to save his daughter from kidnappers & bring her home at all costs made me teary & emotional. I gave this one of the famous Chicago duo Siskel & Ebert’s thumbs up…loved it.

The Strange Case of Benjamin Buttons…Brad Pitt is sooo fine (that’s the babyboomer word folks!) that I’d watch anything he made & will myself to love it:) but, sad to say after sitting through nearly 3 hours of Brad’s transformation , a dull storyline & uninteresting characters, I waver between liking, loving & hating it, so Brad I sat through it, watched it and I’m done…

The House On The Left…If you’re one for blood/gore & terrifying scenes of  rape & murder of young girls, then I suppose this horror movie is one for you. The retaliation & revenge of the main characters sort of mimic the behaviors of the villians who committed the unspeakable acts and left me wondering “what if that happened to my child?…didn’t like the ‘horror’ of it…  

And then there was : He’s Just Not That Into You…didn’t read the book. figured I didn’t have to after its publication, the author was everywhere giving advice about what men are really saying/mean. Sort of got the gist, but, If one is going to write about a thing, one must research it…didn’t agree with what the movie was saying about the’intelligence’ or lack thereof, of women in general. I could see how some women might fail to recognize an onslaught of ‘red flags’ from a guy, but, that’s not me and frankly, that’s probably about only 1% of women I know:) anyho, have to say…hated it.

Okay, I’m tired, had a long week. anyho, clara54 on your ‘to do’ list this summer on twitter @C50something ok?


3 thoughts on “All About The Movies…”

  1. Hi Joan,

    Thanx for can you give me tips on how to maintain a few needed lbs?

    And yes, plese keep coming..will be posting another bit about the movies shortly…


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