Interview with Rachel continues…

Did I mention that Rachel Goodchild was one of the first to comment on my blog here at clara54? Well, she was & I’d also had the good fortune of talking with her before Eighty Eight Dates… that interview is out there in cyberspace looking for a great home. But, back to this Author & Entrepreneur who also have a line of English Contemporary Greeting Cards & Gift wrap you can check out at

C54.Some stories are hilarious, some not so much…

Rg. People love the funny ones. To be honest, the ones that are scary are also funny to some people. I think it’s very comforting to read stories that are terrible and think ” at least I’ve never been that stupid!”:) We added some good ones in too, after we realized that we didn’t want to scare people away from dating entirely. And I think that worked. In fact people have said they loved to hear the happy ever after stories too. I had non conventional couples, however. The first story is about a trouple-one man and two women which I guess starts the ball rolling on odd couplings indeed!

C54.How long did it take you to complete the book?

Rg. Around six months. I researched pretty heavily for this-including going on about 50 dates myself. And it was worthwhile indeed. I myself suffered dating burnout after it  however  🙂 I’m only just coming out of it right now!

C54.Where can folks in America purchase a copy of Eighty Eight Dates?

Rg. Good question! You can order one directly from me through my blog (and I’ll sign it:) ) or use an online store such as, they’ll ship it to you:)

C54. Next Gig?

Rg. I am a little unsure to be honest. I have a few non Fiction books currently in development, a film script I’m working on & my novel needs some care. I’m in an interesting writing spot at the moment, indeed…

And indeed she is…Thanks to Rachel Goodchild..



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