Clara54 interviews Rachel Goodchild

For the record,I hope to profile a series of social networking writers,entrepreneurs & interesting folks in future talks right here on clara54…so, for an interesting read,informational tool & a bit of wit and humanness (Is that a word?) join me:

Rachel Goodchild

Rachel Goodchild is an amazing New Zealand Author & Entrepreneur whose works have included a series of learning books like Alligators To Zebras & The Blend Books. She also published Mountain Men in 2008 and She’ll Be Back in 2007… However, it’s Rachel’s latest book , Eighty-Eight Dates that seemed to have propelled her into superstar status as the go to guru for dating & relationship advice… a woman of dating aplomb:

c54. Was it difficult to stray from your normal writings with Eighty-Eight Dates?

Rg. I loved doing EightyEight Dates. For a start I already had a book contract to write it, so I knew it wasn’t all “in vain”. I think one of the best things we can do as writers is learn to first listen, then to write in the voice of another person. This book is full of other people’s stories so I got to do that again and again.

C54. Are you amazed at its great reception? some of the perks please…

Rg. It’s been amazing. Besides the fact that my daughter thinks I’m going to be famous enough to get special car parks at the museum (I’m not sure how, but, I like her belief in me ) I have had amazing press from this book. I’m now running a regular spot on breakfast television on a national network as a dating specialist, and journalists will use me as a source for both tv and print. A lot of that has been me knocking on doors.

Rg. You need to have a certain amount of self confidence and believe you are writing someone that people want to know about. People need to know you are available and want to help…

Clara54 is not finished with Rachel Goodchild yet, more to come 🙂


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