My friend/filmmaker Kai duc Loung is in Los Angeles, his film Someplace Else & the one I’d written a review for, has been chosen for screening at the Los Angeles Film Festival …YAY!

The interviews I’d spoken about earlier are now completed & will be available for viewing shortly… 

One of my poems written back in the day called “Little Earl” earned me a publishing spot at a local newspaper for poetry month &  received a commission (monies) as well.

Read an email today congratulating me on passing the first round of judging in a recent submission to Reflections from Women by Terri Spahr Nelson, a book of motivational& inspiring messages to other women. I’m beside myself! ! Anyho, there are two more rounds of judging, so keep your fingers/toes crossed for me:) 

Aside: I’m knowing that “anyho” is not a word, it’s my spin on keeping clara54 real & endearing to all of my friends, whether real or imagined:) 



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