Community Sharing…

I’m still detoxing from an over abundance of Easter fun, food, & foolery, sooo forgive me if writing a bit sluggish this Am..Anyho, wanted to share a few community invites I’ve gotten recently from some interesting bloggers… is a place for die hard music lovers, lyricists, musicians and those with a vested interest in what’s really going on with folks in the biz of making/producing music. I found some great video of Beyonce, Britney, Kid Rock & Eddie Van Halen tooting his creation of the Wolfgang guitar. Of course, this ex hubby of Valerie Bertinneli named his guitar after their son, Wolfgang…visit

Amy Hillard is launching her own gourmet poundcake product, called Comfort cakes. A portion of the proceeds from every, sugarless,sweetness pound cake sold, this entrepreneur will donate a portion of proceeds to The American Diabetes Association…visit

Follow these folks on Twitter, or, can google them for their blog info.

Jschimmel…a celebrity/gossip blog… the site is a no holds barred of opinion& fact.

JTON…an African Magazine packed with news, entertainment, views & popular opinion…found some of their new featured artists fascinating… 

These are some recent community networking folk who visited clara54… thanks for sharing…. A friendly reminder however,Clara54 doesn’t take kindly to Spam:(


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