Economic “Crunch” Where the jobs are…

At one point there were 5 career areas where jobs were readily available, now, there are two… 1. Educators & 2. Nursing. Ok, there’s always a shortage of nurses and I’m here to tell you, with this gig, you’ll always be in demand. Now, having said that, let me say this: Do not go into Nursing , or the Medical field unless you have compassion for people! and you won’t get rich from nursing… Nursing is demanding, exhausting and mentally taxing. If you have a desire to help folks who are sick/perhaps at the last stage of life, addicted to life altering drugs or simply aged & suffering from dementia, etc…then, welcome aboard. It’s about being a caregiver for others and the world is in dire need of folks who care.

Educators I’ve learned are also in demand. Think of all of the children who need adult guidance …Think of all of the schools lacking qualified & committed teachers….Give knowledge through education a chance to thrive in some young person’s life …if you love children and want to give back, then, there’s a place for folks like you.

These jobs are extending a hand  in today’s recession…The thing to remember is that these jobs require a lot from you…Are you willing to meet the challenge?


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