Places To Pause For Poetry

Since it’s the month of Poetry, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the places I’ve taken to visiting throughout the time of starting clara54 & beyond because I’ve loved writing AND reading poets for decades. So in the spirit of April & Poetry Month, take a stroll to visit these great sites:

1…Poets & Writers , hosting some of the masters of poetry by publishing  a poem a day. You can also take their poetry challenge…try out new poetry writing prompts, or writing assignments.

 2… DeanJBaker… this great poet is on clara54’s blogroll simply because he is one of the best Poet/Lyrics/Prose writers I’ve happened upon online…a musician whose works I can hardly wait to read in book form… 

3… Poets United To Advance The Arts have been around for over 15 years, but, recently joined the blogosphere to showcase their good works of individual poets…visit and enjoy their works.

4…John Rigo of Texas Poets have become one of my fondest & dearest poets…His ‘mission’ works of spiritual enlightenment & candid observations are well received by many folks…after reading John’s great poetry, you will no longer be a stranger…

 5… The Argotist Online is where I had my first batch of poems accepted. They are not your usual traditional publishing poetry site…the diverse group of poets will have you wanting to become part of their ‘thinking man’s’ UK poetry family … I hope to reconnect & publish more works here.

 6… Coachella Music And Arts Festival is kicking off their 3 day annual music & arts festival for all of you young& hip lovers of music, celebrities & spring fun in the sun happenings… To find out more about this colorful event , sent to me by Johnny @ filmpunks, beginning April 18th, just click on…   

Whatever you do this month, make it a point to visit a poet’s work & leave a comment…doesn’t hurt to support the arts…


4 thoughts on “Places To Pause For Poetry”

  1. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂


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