Blogging Your Personal Best…

Just how much is too much when you’re blogging? I beg to ask this question because of the booming success of Twitter’ where in 140 characters, folks blog some of their most personal thoughts & actions…think Ashton Kutcher’s pic of wife Demi Moore in her skimmies! But, more than that visual, I’ve also read and found room for debate from some experienced bloggers & professional writers who feel that one shouldn’t be spilling the beans so to speak about what’s happening in their personal lives…even advising not to use your real name as a deterrant to scammers,hacks & haters… so many differences of opinion… sooo much fodder for debate…

Clara54 is based upon my journey as a Professional Nurse who, after 30 something years have made the decision to devote the second phase of life to following her passion by jumpstarting & breaking into the field of freelance writing. jokingly referred to in some circles, as someone who’s been writing since the invention of the ‘bic’ pen, I see nothing wrong in joining a community of online writers who might be interested in what a woman in midlife have to say about the happenings in her world!

Let’s not get it twisted though, even I know the difference between having a professional as opposed to personal blog. At clara54 I blog what I want people to know about my journey into freelance, my inspirations, my sometimes humdrum days, writing accomplishments & my ‘fave’ ice cream…If folks take offense, I can’t tell:)

I suppose what I want to say to all of those naysayers & critics who haven’t been in it long enough to truly undertand it, “stay out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat!” I’m truly encouraged by all the community of like minded people who do ‘get it’ and who continues to visit Clara54… It’s quite awesome, really! Got something to say? love to hear it…


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