Interested parties…

My good friend John over at Texaspoets is looking for assistance in formatting of his 3rd poetry book through lulu publishing As this is a non profit work, John can offer credit in the book for your kindness in assisting in this great work whose proceeds goes to helping the ‘homeless cause’ in John’s hometown of Texas. All interested parties can visit John’s good works at…   Good luck, John.

I’m working to bring you an interview right here at clara54 with another amazing friend I’ve made from New Zealand as she tells us a bit about the exciting details surrounding her latest book…

An impromptu email to an accomplished actress & recent filmmaker from California have got me on pins & needles, as she responded with interest in my doing an interview with her in regards to her unfinished documentary:) keep your fingers & toes crossed for this one…

Anyhow, had a looong weekend of work at my ‘day’ job, so going to chill for the remainder of today(Monday) and get in touch with “me”


2 thoughts on “Interested parties…”

  1. Good Morning Clara,

    This morning I completed a brief google search on myself and possible comments from others, on my own blog site. Your kind request and comment came up. I was not aware of your posting on my behalf. For thinking of me and doing such, I render you my kindest regards and appreciation. As of yet, I have had no responses, but I have patience in my belief of God’s love. I am sure, it but a matter of time, and the “right” person will step forward to do the formatting for this third book. For anyone’s reference, the contents will come from my new published work on: Thank you again Dear Clara.




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