“Death Be Not Kind”

Saddened to hear of another tragic death of a  promising young high school teen from probable gang violence… unnecessary loss of life.

 Shocked to learn of the death of actress Natasha Richardson from a skiing accident …admired her work as well as that of her husband, Liam Neeson…


2 thoughts on ““Death Be Not Kind””

  1. Hi John,

    Truer words have never been spoken, yet, somehow even with understanding comes a human heart filled with sadness for ending of life in the physical:( Anyhow, I’m not a bit bored with reading of great insights/poetry on your site…but, understand your need to start/complete your next works…haven’t written any poetryof late, but, will surely post your contact info on my blogs for folks to consider your gracious invite…




  2. Good Morning Clara,

    Was thinking of you and some of my other posters on my blog site yesterday when I wrote and posted “Hugs.” It is not typical of my general poetry writing, but still I think the style still screams out my name. Hope you enjoy. Also know that you would be involved in the subject matter, if we were to meet.
    As always, we are at the lakehome this weekend. The lake is happily filling with boat activity. The fun of seeing the jet sea-doo’s buzzing our dock goes a long way in overcoming the darkness of the news each day. I believe we will be launching our own toys next week.



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