Reclaiming my ‘feat’ for Fiction…

Before the internet& my all time ‘fave’ Canon typewriter… there was for me, the good old pad & pen, ‘bic’ to be exact. I’d find myself writing my own brand of fictionalized stories inclusive of healthy doses of  forbidden love, mystery & intrigue…stuff only meaningful to me… These brilliant spruts of creativity often came after reading one of those Harlequin romance novels to the end and thinking a bit disappointedly how I could do better…

Over the years I’ve penned quite a few romantic liasons…fashioned a western roundup, or two where the cowboy seemingly always get the girl in the end : Think Roy Rogers & Dale Evans…then there were a series of dectectives I’d always want to call “Dick”…fun stuff… even if I was the only admirer of my ‘superlative’ fiction aplomb…

This weekend, while enjoying the nice weather, small outings & such, I took time out to revisit some of those short stories I’d boxed away. Retrieved one, tweaked it a whole lot:) before sending it out for a  fiction contest, just days short of a deadline.  

Since I’ve become accustomed to doing biz on the net, I’m not happy to revisit stories captured in longhand, but, I remain optimistic that they’ll someday find their place in publication…


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