Do You Tweet?

Came home from my ‘day’ job 😦 to find an email from a fellow blogger asking if I might tweet… It’s nice when someone wants to follow you on twitter 🙂  

At the moment, I’m thinking…”I don’t think so”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good for folks wanting other people to follow their every move, but, it all just sounds sooo exhausting to me! Anyhow, I’m blogging, somewhat addictively (is that a word?) and loving it…. fellow writers, bloggers , interested editors, publishers & such, clara54 doesn’t twitter…Do you Tweet?


2 thoughts on “Do You Tweet?”

  1. I do Tweet and it’s quite interesting. The pro of doing it is: it is the thing to do right now. The con of it is: who really cares what other people are doing all time, if at all.

    The main reason why I Tweet is because I have articles that I want other people to read. I send links through Twitter. I don’t know how many people are reading them, but at least they are in the Universe. I am also trying to establish a brand for Shorty. I figure tweeting may give me a clue.


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