A Review:Eat, Pray, Love…

 Elizabeth Gilbert was a known author & journalist before she appeared on Oprah show to toot her book ; Eat, pray, love. After that appearance, however, she’s now an Author on the New York Times Bestsellers list. And why not? I purchased the book some time after it hit stores, not quite eager to read it, but wondered what all the hoopla was about… I finished it some time ago:

A woman, not young, not old, decides she is unhappy. She’s battling demons of depression, of discontent, feelings of spiritual disconnect…She decides she doesn’t want to be married. Live in a huge house with the picket fence and have the 2.5 children that she & her spouse planned on.

She spills her uncertainties. Her not wanting any of it. He’s hurt. She moves out, finds a love on the rebound who can’t deal with her needy & clingy female lows& highs. She takes a writing assignment for her next book … goes off to Italy where she seeks meaning in her life while she savor pizzas, beautiful men & all night parties. All the while practing abstinence

She leaves for India on her journey where she connects with her guru who teaches her the art of yoga…Mediation is painful, but, Richard from Texas becomes her ally and encourages her to experience it all. ..And then to Bali, where she meets Mario, who take her to the medicine man she encountered briefly in the states. He doesn’t remember her at first, but, he finally does & she’s happy, he’s happy…He is a healer who doesn’t know his true age.

She learns from this man about God…She is struck by the patience and lack of complaint the Balinese embody…She cannot escape meditiation…it  is what “makes you in peace”. In her travels, Ms. Gilbert ultimately finds ‘her’ peace as well as a relationship with a seemingly kind& patient man…

As a writer who loves to read. I usually finish a good book within a day or two. Eat, pray, love ,took a few months. Maybe because I didn’t want the story to end, or, because I just wanted to live vicariously through another woman writer’s adventure or, maybe it’s because I’m of the belief that my search for spiritual awakenings starts & ends right here in good ole USA…Whatever the reason, the book measures a well rounded 3+ on the rhetor scale of my ‘fave’ reads radar.


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