A beautiful morning…

Sunday morning was a morning of spiritual humbleness. It was my mom’s birthday. Had she lived, she’d be 83 years old…for some reason, I wasn’t as sad. I thought of her smile, her wisdom, her sacrifices and I smiled at remembrances as I outlined an article in her memory for Mother’s Day.

I spoke to my sister & we sparred over who really purchased the pair of bluebirds that sat so long on our mother’s “nic nac” shelf…and why they were in my possession now… Sisters, don’t ya just love em?:)

I felt like a teen with a crush as I noticed that an article I’d written a day earlier,” Michelle Obama bares arms” had taken the top 5 spot for favorite chicago examiner& the neighborhood &culture examiner’s spot as well ! If you haven’t read already, I’m the Chicago Women’s Examiner for Chgo Examiner.Com…

Spurred by this good feeling, I went on to write an email to a writer whose feature article caught my attention…heard back from her today. The guest post I submitted to a fellow blogger’s site will hopefully make the cut as well. emailed Preethi at giftedhandswritngs.com a few possible conference venues for her consideration in hopes of finding the perfect city to host their 2010 writers conference  

All & all, a beautiful morning of living my life like it’s golden & getting the work out…


4 thoughts on “A beautiful morning…”

  1. It always thrills me when a dear friend in the WordPress family has a “golden day of happiness.” An insight into the eternal beauty of heaven.



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