Theme Change…A step in the “write” direction

You might have noticed:) Anyhow, feeling like lightening the load of winter, worry & non participation in life & productivity. In other words, folks, I’m wanting/needing to brighten my world! I think choosing these eye popping colors bit of red, blue& pink  for clara54’s theme is a step in the right direction:)

This bleak Mid-West weather is lasting for far too long…My creative writing  juices have taken a beating as my mind wanders in the right direction but, fails to take a writing stance… I must, I must, expand my writing portfolio…All’s not lost as I’ve made a vow to sit my butt in the seat and write.

Ok, freelance writers, what’s your formula for combatting the end of  these listless Winter  blues?


7 thoughts on “Theme Change…A step in the “write” direction”

  1. John,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m knowing that it will truly help other folks know that a belief & faith in God will see them through all human woes… I’m always , regardless of what “state” I’m in, looking to the one that can fix it. An old spiritual goes ” if Jesus can’t fix it, nobody can!” As for friendships, I’ve lost/let go of a few this past year as well. Perhaps, they were there for a season and now that time has passed. I don’t begrudge their leaving, only wish them well:)



  2. Clara,

    You always have a way of expressing “Truths” in a most simple and beautiful way. As I review the last few years of my life, three of the most outstanding woman I have come across in my spiritual life have all been black woman. Two of them over a period of years ran for city council members for my city of McKinney, Texas. I supported both of them in money and assistance. Sad for the city, they did not win. They not winning was a huge lost to the future of the city of McKinney, Texas.


  3. John, you should hear my daughter…she explains life’s experiences as “it is what it is”:) seriously, one only have to look at the history of African-Americans to understand how we’ve learned to survive “troubles”

    My mother taught from a ‘Jesus’ perspective for which I’m eternally grateful… I remain a humble, compassionate…a “truth seeker”, due in part because of her…

    I find your works to be that continuing bridge of truth John.




  4. A Belated “Thank You” for posting the link to my poetry blog site. I just noticed it yesterday. As a small gift, on this comment will I post one of my favorite poems. It is a tribute to you and the beauty of your soul:

    “The Journey” copyright 2005 John J. Rigo, from the non-profit published poetry book, “Roses Amidst Thorns”

    A ship in the sea of life,
    riding each wave of life,
    seeking the warm sun of each day,
    the beauty of each dream as night falls,
    is never lost,
    as it heads toward the curve
    of each horizon.

    Storms will blow,
    onward do we flow
    in love and courage
    by His hand.

    Tomorrow brings the knowing in His love,
    the vastness of the ocean
    is not so alone.

    As long as we believe,
    we will never be alone,
    for His love love
    surpasses all of this,
    this and time beyond,
    this brief sea of life.

    With Best Regards,

    John J. Rigo
    Author and Publisher
    “The Amidst Series of Poetry books”


  5. My cure for these winter blues is hanging out on social network sites and thinking funny. I am actually considering humor writing and have found exercises to heighten my creativity. I may also scrapbook and make cards. Hope this helps.


  6. I’ve seen what you’re capable of Marcie 🙂 and no doubt you’ll incorporate those things into your agenda as well. I’m over it now, but, I’m of the adage that ‘this too shall pass’ & of course, it did!

    continued success…



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