Write about what you know

Ok, since starting Clara54, I’ve come to realize this anthem of freelance writing “write in the genre in which you’re familiar” In other words, what do you excel, or have experience in? 

I’ve always balked at writing about my field of expertise. A veteran nurse of 30 s0mething years, I’ve been encouraged to write for health &fitness mags, medical journals and so forth. I’ve been so disillusioned about the state of nursing that I’d vowed not to write about what I know…ok, my personal warped sense of ethical correctness…

Anyhow, that changed recently when I got a gig writing a Chicago women’s column over at examiner.com. True, the pay is not great:( for which I’m in total agreement with more experienced writers, this should become a source for serious debate for newbie’s)… however,there is great potential for exposure here.

My most recent article at Examiner.com is about women & heart disease. February is heart health month. The article was received & commented upon by Dr. Steve Parker, a renowned specialist in weight loss. He also wrote The Advanced Mediterranean Diet. Others folks of medical pedigree sent me emails offering their services as ‘expert’ opinion for future articles!

I say, go figure…I also want to reinforce the adage of all freelance writers who instruct us to “write what you know” and if it’s not something you’re ‘expert’ in, by all means, do your research!


5 thoughts on “Write about what you know”

  1. Hi, Clara! I’m not a nurse, but I’ve covered nursing for a couple of different publications over the last dozen years or so. And let me tell you: if you ever get over your disinclination to write about nursing, I bet that a bunch of those nursing-related publications would be interested in your work. They love to have actual nurses who can also write well. So just keep that in mind! –Jennifer


  2. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks sooo much for comments as I’m sure somewhere in the crevices of my denials, I’m knowing the great advice you’re giving/along with other astute folks is based on fact…

    Some day, perhaps…who am I to say , Never? 🙂


  3. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for that…you know I’m in total agreement with you about the research, however, I’m not a great fan but, knowing oftentimes there’s just no getting around doing the friggin’ research, is there? 🙂


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