I’ve made a discovery

I’ve found out that most folks are truly of a generous & giving nature. I’m not talking monetary necessarily, but one of service. This past week, I was down for the count with ‘flu like’ symptoms. I say flu like, because the strain of virus that I acquired left me weakened, aching , stuffy & sorely emotional. I was in dire need of rest.

A co-worker learning of my ‘downtime’ made me heapings of homemade soups that surprised & filled me with gratitude ,warmth & well being…I’m on the mend.

Kai duc luong, the Chicago filmmaker was out in Paris for a music video shoot. He sent video to all folks back home, inclusive of lil ole me…The original in French, which, he kindly translated in English via email for me! you can view  ALICE by CHAT here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIngFCLVOKg 

Shorty aka Ms. Marcie hill sent me a Hallmark Valentine’s ecard last night. We’re sort of  new blogger acquaintences, but, we’ll probably become old blogger friends:) one word of caution about the Hallmark cards, if you don’t know the person sending it, please be cautious.

Rachel Goodchild over at Rachelgoodchildwrites has finished her latest book, Eighty-eight dates…Rachel, I’m looking for my autographed copy:)

Michele at writingforward, thanks for visiting clara54. your kind remarks made my miserable days a little brighter…

I’ve started my gig as Chicago Womens Examiner over at Chicago Examiners’s.com. please pay me a visit and leave comments …

As Gwendolyn Brooks once advised me and I say to all of you…”keep-A-Going!”


2 thoughts on “I’ve made a discovery”

  1. Hey John,good to hear from you!

    Thanks for keeping in touch. of course, the sentiments are mutual:) glad you’re better as well. took the flu shot also…works for me! true, the congestion takes a bit longer to clear, so, hang in there!

    Best to you/family



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