Yay, it’s friday! Thank goodness I’m off today and able to reflect upon the whirlwind of what’s been happening for me this beginning of a brand new year. Whew!…I’ve been busy doing the tedious work related stuff that needs to sustain me, but, I’ve also been in the trenches…visiting other bloggers. inviting them over to clara54. I’ve also landed some great blog love links:)

I can’t tell folks how thrilled I was to learn that Amy Derby over at Write From Home had added Clara54 to her Hump Day Reading blogs! …To be hailed amongst such esteemed writers& bloggers … Melissa Donavon’s Writing Forward…Freelance Writing Jobs… Writing the Cyber Highway… Read write web and sooo many more folks have placed me in a perpetual state of speechless wonder!

Anyhow, so glad I can still write. I so wanted to thank Christina Katz over at Writers on the rise for adding me to their blog as well…sooo many prolific folks, Christina…a bit intimidating , but it’s ALL good 🙂

Thanks also to a well known & popular poet, Mr. DeanjBaker for inviting bloggers to link to his great world of prose/poems & stories… I luv your work dean…Clara54 can also be seen on the site of A Wandering Mind! mind boggling, I know…

I must take a moment for pause and remember to thank the writing community…this great mix of poets, writers, bloggers; all networking just because we need to share our ‘voice’ and help others along the way…and get paid in the process, ha! I luv it when a plan comes together! Ok, so I stole those words from  the mouth of one of my employers 🙂   lots more to say, but, you just have to come back…


2 thoughts on “TGIF!”

  1. Hi, Clara!

    Yeah, link love can be a bit intimidating at times, eh? Amy Derby really does only share stuff she has read and truly recommends–so she must really like ya a lot! 🙂

    Thanks for your kind, encouraging words on my latest post. I appreciate it! Yes, I’ll keep writing…



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