Job Loss:What Does It Mean For The Freelance Writer?

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Again, I turn on my tv and there are the blaring reports that several companies are laying off their employees…not just minor layoffs, mind you, but, major: Airlines, Banks, Stores, Car Dealerships and the list goes on…Folks in the thousands are losing their jobs…even nurses- where there have always been a call out for more of us in this medical arena, are fielding the “what will tomorrow bring?”

Anyone who visits clara54 (everyone is welcome) know of my dilemma  this last year…I’m a professional midlife nurse. A woman in transition who decided one day to record her journey into building up her dream and exploring her freelance writing passion because of obvious nurse burnout… So far, the journey have been filled with bits & spurts of good things happening. I’ve landed a few impressive gigs from some impressive folks in the publishing arena.

I’ve lost out on some great writing opportunities also. I’m most encouraged  though, by the many friends in cyberspace whose goals/passions equals & surpasses my own…Folks who have been willing to take time out to lay out the welcome mat into their world of freelance writing…I’m encouraged by it all, here & abroad…the feel of community…the connection in a world of uncertain economic times.

Because I’m a participant in the workforce, I can’t help but wonder, what’s to become of the working class? What’s going to happen if those in Govt can’t turn this disaster around? One thing I know for sure, I’ll never give up my dream… my passion which has become my purpose as I take my “rightful” place in the world of freelance writing…


5 thoughts on “Job Loss:What Does It Mean For The Freelance Writer?”

  1. It’s scary what the economic recession is doing to families. There are many who have lost their jobs, and many still, will lose theirs.

    Do you think working at home as a freelance writer as recession-proof?

    Seems like there’s an advantage to it!


  2. These are trying times as we all know how the economy is…however, for those of us needing to do something meaningful with the remainder of our lives…Why not freelance?

    It so happens that Freelance Writing has become my passion/purpose and I go into it knowing that it’s a job ! It remains to be seen whether I will make a success in the world of freelance, or not.


  3. hi.
    I Have A Few Questions.

    1. What Does Been A Freelance Journalist Entail?

    2. What Do You Do To Earn A Living?

    Please Get Back To Me ASAP.
    I Really Need To Know.


    1. Hi Mercedes,

      Thanks for visiting. In answer to your questions? I’m no expert, but, in my understanding, Freelance Journalism also called Citizen Journalism, is where creative writers (oftentimes without a journalism degree) have used their gift for seeking out newsworthy events/stories and submitted them to local/national newspapers for publications & payment.

      Check your area for receptive news-related papers/blog/businesses willing to pay for your work. Citizen Journalism is on the rise and cropping up all over. Visit for more insights …as I’m sure there’s so much more info out there.

      Good luck.


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