Happy New Year To:

Poets, Writers, Bloggers, Editors, Publishers, and Loved ones; All!  What I’m wishing/resolving for this year of our Lord, 2009 ?…That we all come together to make this year if not the best, then, certainly the most memorable as we  go about our daily lives…I’m resolved personally to continue doing ‘good works’  as a contributor to humanity.To continue to community with folks who have passion, purpose & vision to take their creativity to the next level!

I want to surround myself with people steeped in spiritual awareness, fortitude, compassion, drive, ambition, humility and a work ethic that encourages… in the words of  Norman Vincent Peale,”You can if you think you can”. I’ve met quite a few folks since Clara54…I’m happy to have made their acquaintance via the blogosphere, as well as in print, those of you who have given me good advice, invigorating incentive, fun comments… those who linked onto clara54; allowed for an Author’s interview, sent film for review, sent out personal prayers& emails…

I hope to continue to meet many more of folks like you…and yes, I hope to see my freelance biz take wings and fly!:) Who knows what the future holds? I’m in it for duration…how about you?


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