Cellphone Madness…

Even at work, while on break, attempting to take a moment of solitude and perhaps ease the ache in my calves, I find myself bombarded from all sides with this constant ringing…cellphone madness!

Trying to read …a book

but everybody’s talkin’

on a cellphone hookup…


Ole friends


Next of kin

folks making biz-deals

lovers letting forth a burst of giddy squeals…

Cellphone madness trying my nerves

interrupting dire moments of solitude…intrudes

upon my 15 minutes of Clara54 time

On the real

What’s really going on?

Can’t concentrate amid Rhianna/Jason Timberlake…ringtones

oooh no, Is that a Beeththoven spill? Love that!

Still 😦

Cellphone Madness…kills

my moment


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