Another Day in my LIFE

Came home from working my ‘day’ job to find my freezer on the blink…Ok, so I check the fuse box, all seemed well. the lights still on in the fresh foods section of the dang thang…sooo I began to toss out the perishables like my fav ice cream I was meaning to kick back and enjoy with a soapy tearjerker, but, nada… then the frozen veggies that’s no longer frozen…the back up carton of orange juice, still cold!.

This morning, my day off, I call the landlord who advises me to ‘put everything in a cooler’ well, duh! but when will someone be out to do repairs? maybe, checkout the problem? Ans…”it’s cold out, , almost 14 below,won’t be able to get anyone out there right away to put in a new system.”  Ok, not even to check out the problem? could be something minor…”Well”.

I hang up…toss the ice tray that’s now water…reposition my semi-frozen turkey and other meats…make myself a strong cup of java and sat down at my trusted computer …Hey, a job offer in regards to blogger/columnist position…it’s mine if I want, pay $5 per 300-500 word post:)

Ok, just another day in the life of a burned out nurse trying to jumpstart her freelance writing career and maybe live life on her terms for a change…but right about now… all I want for xmas is a friggin’ frig that works!:(


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