It’s Finished!

The challenge is complete…the deal is done and I’m left exhausted! Now that I’ve finished screening the film “Someplace Else” for a great new Chicago filmmmaker, I’m going to tell folks a bit about my first major challenge of which I’d spoken about earlier. I’d seen an incredible trailer of film on YouTube one morning while surfing the web… It spoke on one young man’s search for meaning in life, which would bring him to completing a film based upon the life of another, aged blues musician and the life he was comfortable living…

The film Someplace Else is just one of many independent projects by Kai-duc-loung, an Asian-American filmmaker living in Chicago, Illinois where the movie/documentary was filmed…After contacting Kai, he was gracious enough to send this freelance writer a copy of Someplace Else for screening…get this, the film has received numerous rave reviews & accoloades from New York, Rhode Island, Gene Siskel’s Film Center in Chicago, to Louis Vuitton’s International film festival in Hawaii!

Needless to say, people, I was petrified:) anyhow, my review of Someplace Else has been published/and a copy is on its way to meet the filmmaker…As I await the most important verdict of all (the filmmaker) I turn my attention to other projects and hope that my work finds favor…check for screenings.


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