Splashes Of Red

I was watching Good Morning America segment highlighting the benefits of women wearing ‘Red’…A sneak peak into my closets would probably serve as a grave disappointment to all things feminine…Ok, so, I have a few splashes of color…worn when I’m feeling the need to get my ‘diva in red’ or ‘devilish, can’t touch this!” red on…  nothing overpowering… a top here,a purse there & a pair of ‘no place like home’ heels somewhere waiting to be plucked from obscurity.

According to one fella on GMA, red worn by women makes men eyes “Pop!” I ‘m all for grabbing the attention of members of the opposite sex, but, lets’ not get it twisted here fellas…When the lady wears red, it’s not all about you… It’s because I’m liking how Red makes ‘me’ feel…cool, calm, collected & confident:)

Now, when it comes to pitching/marketing my freelance writing biz to editors/publishers/ online and in print… where red becomes a SEO guideline stipulation? …  hey,not a problem…

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