My Challenge…

It’s friday morning, on my day off from work. I’m up early this AM because I have a lot on my mind… No it’s not about the dinner of late, which by the way was a success. This latest endeavor involves my craft/what I’m about to undertake. I’ve been given the go ahead by a brilliant Chicago filmmaker to screen his latest work…the film is enroute as I write this post to clara54!

Suffice it to say, I’m all nerves this am… couldn’t sleep, hardly eaten for 2 days in anticipation of this… my biggest challenge yet, since embarking upon building up my freelance writing biz. To my credit, I have reviewed several movies in my career, but, nothing close in magnitude to this filmmaker’s work.

I will be working non-stop during my spare time for the next couple of weeks, trying to publicize to local newspapers/internet sites/magazines receptive to a film that has already won prestigeous awards here & abroad. I’m so happy to be given this oppportunity…

Will keep you posted with more details, inclusive of the film’s review, the filmmaker, the arena’s where this film is already showing, as well as publications where my reviews can be read…

Keep your fingers/toes crossed for me that this all works out:)


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